Cappadocia name used first time by the Persian as Katpatuka which means "the land of the beatifull horses". Hittite people also used the breed the horses in this region.

Hitites were the first civilization; 1800 b.c 1200 b.c Then Thabals ,Asyrian Persians lived. Than Romans controlled this rocky land. Cappadocia was a refuge and a shelter for earl christians during the Roman and Byzantine period. Than region becomes an important christian teaching center. So that locals carved out over 300 cave churches and 30 underground cities.Until 1924 local christians and the Turks were living in this area together in the harmony atmospher. Cappadocia is a geological poem written by time,by million yeared wind and water sweeping or softly sliding by. The hand that shaped these forms seems all but sentient, giving fantastic shape to a world not quite of this planet.

This high scherzo of nature tarnsported calls the traveller to delirious voyaging. In this magnificient voyage  Vista Cave Hotel invites you to stay in the caves with first class comfort.

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