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101 - Ambar

Ambar  was the room for preserving and storing food and looks into the heart of our hotel. Our Ambar was also used as the family sleeping quarters. Blankets and bed covers were stored in the ‘taka’ a doorless, stone shelf which is now the room’s wardrobe. Above the wardrobe is a carving of the Selcuk two-headed eagle.  There was a ‘tandır’ (floor oven/fire pit) for heating, cooking and for heating water for bathing. Just inside the door on the left hand side, carved into the stone was a bath for the children or doing the washing. It was connected by a narrow channel to the tandır. The bathroom is in its original place. This area was called a ‘hamamlık’ or mini Turkish bath. Spacious and airy, the Ambar  suite invokes an ambience of Cappadocia’s old agricultural village heritage.

Room properties

Selcuk style, handcarved stone, continental king size bed with purpose made mattress, designer linen and reading lamps.

  • 30m2
  • Air-conditioning (during summer months)
  • Free wifi
  • Complimentary spring water, coffee, herbal and black tea
  • Travertine floors, carpet
  • Comfortable armchaired sitting area
  • Wardrobe, dressing table
  • A modern ensuite bathroom with travertine rainfall shower, standard shower, basin, toilet, heated towel-rails
  • Hairdryer, towels, complimentary bathroom products and slippers
  • Central heating (during winter months)

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